Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Remind .... Send quick text or email messages to a group

Our next challenge will be to try Remind. I have created a class (Conant Teachers) and sent you an email requesting you join the class. I will send a text message to the class later in the week so that you can see what it looks like. Also, note that the text message contact will be a random number generated by Remind, but my name will appear in the message. If you have an iOS or Andriod phone you will be able to reply to the message using a "stamp".... more on that later, but you cannot reply to the message directly as it is considered an announcement.

For more information......

Remind is a tool that can be used to send or schedule a quick announcement to a parent class (group); a field trip next Friday for example. You can sign in online or use an the Remind app to send messages, links, pictures, voice recordings or documents to students or parents. The received messages can be sent as a text or delivered to an email address.

You create your free account here: and then ask people to join.

People join the group via an invitation sent to their mail account (or phone number). They will receive instructions on how to join the group similar to below:

Once people have joined the group you can send messages. If you have a set of iPads you can use this in class as a quick response system. It has an advantage over email because people will receive the message directly on their phone and you will not receive responses.